Rooftop Antennas

Your Rooftops or Commercial Properties can Earn Money and Enhance Connectivity

Your building’s rooftop could be the source of better connectivity for your community and extra revenue for you. From marketing and pitching your rooftop to telecom operators, right through to setting up and operating the infrastructure required, we’ll look after everything for you to deliver the best long-term solution possible.

Confirming Your Potential

Whether it’s for your building’s rooftop or some other aspect of your commercial property, our first job is to find out what you need and what potential your property has for hosting shared infrastructure. We‘ll sit down with you and assess your site, identifying issues like existing coverage, local demand, access and much more. We’ll gain a full understanding of what you need and what can be achieved, before we think about pitching your property to operators and partners.

Leasing your Rooftop space to Telecoms Operators

We have long-standing relationships with operators and know what they need in a telecoms site. To get you maximum revenue and the best operating terms, we’ll market and manage your properties as part of our portfolio. Meanwhile, our designs will make the best use of the space available and minimise any visual impact the equipment may have.

Operational Excellence in Rooftop Solutions

We design and build first-class shared infrastructure. To develop a solution that fits best with your rooftop space, we’ll work closely with our partners from start to finish. From hidden structures to lightweight formations, we have the expertise to work around any restrictions or limitations. All the while, we prioritise safe working practices and understand our environmental responsibilities as a GRESB-rated organisation.