Case Study

High Capacity and Modernised Connectivity at Oldcastle, Co. Meath

Delivering enhanced mobile coverage and service to the town of Oldcastle, Co. Meath.

The Project

In the town of Oldcastle, Co. Meath, there was a need to enhance mobile coverage and service; the need to ensure minimal service down-time for 2 active operators meant this project had to be completed in two stages and to strict agreed timelines.

The Challenge

Stage 1 saw an upgrade to the mast foundation whilst the old structure remained in situ. However, the bigger challenge was to come in Stage 2: decommission the existing operators equipment, replace the tower and re-install equipment including an emergency services network, all within an eight hour window.

The Solution

The requirement for a higher capacity and taller structure meant the existing foundation needed an upgrade in-situ. The solution involved housing the holding down bolts at a sixty degree rotation to the existing tower. This allowed the civil works to be carried out without affecting the service of either operator on-site. Stage 2 required a detailed construction safety and health plan which outlined in detail the timelines and method of works. The logistics of the steelwork deliveries as well as the contractor/operator co-ordination was fully detailed and followed on the day to minimise construction and service down-time to less than eight hours. In relation to the health and safety of people and facilities in the local community, we made sure that materials were delivered at quiet times throughout the day to avoid impacting busy periods such as school lunch times, pupil collection, etc.

The Result

All facilities in the surrounding area operated as normal during the construction work. The installation of a high capacity lattice tower in the town of Oldcastle, Co. Meath has brought enhanced and modernised connectivity to the local area.