Maximising Connectivity on Sites of all Sizes

From the busiest airports to boutique hotels, DAS systems offer a proven indoor and outdoor network infrastructure for your connectivity needs. For your venue, we’ll design and build a network solution, providing an optimised wireless solution using distributed antennas. We begin every project with a thorough assessment before designing and delivering a solution tailored for your property or location.

Understanding Your Needs

Whether it’s for office, hospitality, community, or industrial, every venue or location has specific connectivity needs. We will sit down with you and go through every square inch of your site, looking closely at coverage, cold spots, mobile capacity and signal strength. Once we have a full understanding of your requirement we’ll develop a solution to meet your needs.

Designing With Practicality

To deliver the best solution for your site or premises, we’ll work with our partners in order to create the best plan. We deploy the latest technology and design software to create a network that’s optimised for your business. All infrastructure is designed to be subtle and unobtrusive, creating the best user experience while remaining out of sight where possible.

Build With Minimal Disruption

When it comes to building your solution, we only work with the best, most experienced partners who can deliver what you need, as designed. We understand that for you, business-as-usual is absolutely crucial and we’ll work hard to ensure minimal disruption where possible - and we aim to keep all internal architecture as it is.

Seamless Operation Assured

You need to get the best out of your DAS system, and remote management and maintenance plays a key role here. We will agree service levels with you in advance, providing 24x7 monitoring-and-response on agreed hours as you require. For your system, we’ll also carefully manage upgrades and redevelopment on an ongoing basis.