The Project

We saw an opportunity to deploy technology to improve delivery and service to our customers. Our asset records were spread across various mediums and we saw value for our customers and stakeholders in having these consolidated in one place with all the detail required to deliver solutions at the click of a button.

The Challenge

With sites spread across the length and breadth of Ireland, we are always looking for ways to work smarter and safer – minimizing travel between sites, reducing the amount of time spend on site and working at height as well as simplifying how we deliver solutions were big drivers for implementing this project.

The Solution

Creating a digital database of all our telecoms assets, that allows us to conduct site surveys and generate site work packs and documentation at the click of a button. And so we’ve converted our existing telecoms site records to detailed 3D site models and integrated the 3D approach with our Radix asset management system to deliver detailed ready-to-go solutions at the click of a button.

The Result

Our detailed site models mean real time collaboration on solutions with our customers. Deployment costs and time to install have been significantly reduced because Customers and contractors can plan jobs, generate site documentation and work packs at the click of a button. The built-in precision of our models allows us to work collaboratively with our customers to develop right first-time solutions.