Adapting Urban Landscapes to Enhance Connectivity

As our towns and cities become bigger and busier, the demand for communications continues to grow. We’ll work with local authorities and key stakeholders to develop street-work structures that serve the needs of both operators and the community without impacting our urban environment. From helping you navigate the permitting process through to build and operation, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Helping you Secure Permission

We think long-term in everything we do; we know that the street-structures we build today will be in place for generations. On your behalf, we’ll work with local authorities to secure the right permissions. Additionally, we can work with partners to assess locations to develop street works solutions for both single-site use, as well as network rollout.

Tailored Solutions

Working with local authorities and communities, we tailor proposals and packages as required. From small-scale deployment, offering more localised coverage, to community-wide approaches enhancing connectivity for a larger area, we’ll find the right solution. Thanks to our close working relationships with a range of carefully chosen partners, we get the job done with expert know-how and efficiency.

Urban Design Expertise

We know what local councils and municipalities like and dislike when it comes to street works infrastructure. With that in mind, our town planning and design teams offer a variety of solutions to maximise connectivity and blend in with the urban environment. Whether it’s off-the-shelf standard equipment or highly-tailored solutions, we’ll sketch, plan and map out the best technologies and methodologies to deliver the best solution possible.

Building on Experience

Building infrastructure in urban environments requires a range of specific skills and expertise. From specialist lifting and excavation through to traffic management, we look after every aspect right throughout the build process. Once the new infrastructure is up and running, our maintenance teams ensure everything is operating to the highest levels to maximise connectivity.