Case Study

Enhanced Mast Maximises Communications in Rural Recess

With a lack of coverage in rural Co. Galway, the village of Recess was identified as an ideal site to enhance communications for this part of the west of Ireland. While Towercom had an existing site in place, we significantly upgraded the infrastructure to meet growing demand. With a new lattice mast designed and built, extra connectivity for the community is now assured.

The Project

Recess is a village in scenic Connemara, Co. Galway, just 40k from Galway City. Set among superb lake and mountain scenery, it is one of the most beautiful spots in Connemara and has attracted tourists for generations.

The Challenge

As the demand for communications continues to grow, we identified customer demand at one of our sites in Recess. While the initial structure, an existing 15m monopole, has served the community well in the past, it is no longer meeting capacity and needs an upgrade. A new structure will meet this growing demand.

The Solution

Following a full assessment into the size and scale of this growing demand, we began the development process. It was established that the monopole site would be replaced with a lattice structure offering significantly enhanced communications capacity. Our first step was to submit a planning application to upgrade the infrastructure. Replacing the existing monopole on site with a new lattice structure would provide additional capacity and connectivity for operators in the area. Permission was granted and work has begun on the new structure. The new mast located just off the Galway road will continue to be used to provide emergency services coverage and it will also have capacity for all the national mobile operators as well as broadband and transmission providers.

The Result

With the upgrade underway, the community and region will soon enjoy enhanced communications with the increased capacity of the new lattice infrastructure. Emergency services including those meeting the needs of Security, Fire & Safety, Health, Government & Public Service agencies will have all-important extra capacity to help them do their critically important jobs. Mobile Operators will have the opportunity to expand their own footprint in the region, enhancing their reputation as a service provider for all communities – urban and rural. The upgraded infrastructure solution will offer all external operators the chance to maximise their service offering.