How to become Accredited with Towercom 

Should you require Towercom Accreditation, please call us on +353 1 531 0210 or email us to discuss and we'll take you through the process step by step.

To apply for Towercom Accreditation, the information below is required.
Following submission, we will review and respond to your request.

Company Level Accreditation:

  • Company Accreditation Application Form (TC007)
  • Company Health & Safety Statement
  • Company Health & Safety Policy
  • Certificates of Employer, Public & Product Liability Insurance
  • Certificate of Professional Indemnity (if applicable)
  • Company Organisational Chart
  • Company Training Matrix

Individual Level Accreditation:

  • Individual Accreditation Form (TC006)
  • Copy of up-to-date Safe Pass
  • RF and Rooftop certs (if applicable)
  • Climbing and Rescue Cert (if applicable)e)